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About Us

TPP Group

The group consists of two mother companies in different type of business:

1- TPP Printing

    the compaines of this group is involved in all printing facilities and has branches in Jordan, Turkey, Sudan and Nigeria.

2- Tarabichi Trading:

AL TARABICHI COMPANY FOR TRADING is importing and distributing TOYS AND STATIONERY since 1968.Recently the company has established a chain of stores for selling toys under the name "Gifty", and they are 11 branches distributed in Damascus province and the other provinces in Syria.It is considered the first toy stores chain in terms of its distribution in the country and diversity of the products.The company is establishing a series of stores that sells stationery by the name "MIDAD" of which the first store has opened in Lattakia City.

The company has its headquarters in Damascus City, and it includes 60 employees. The company seeks to expand both in the local market and the outside market through opening more new stores in the near future.

About TPP
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