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Self-Adhesive labels

  • Pharmaceutical labels:
    With the advantage of printing the box and the label of the same medicine in the same place, TPP can guarantee the perfect color match between the two items with a synchronized delivery time. Using a permanent adhesive paper the label is assured to stick on the medicine bottle with NO chance to any counterfeit. Also special thin labels are printed for small ampoules to avoid any disjoint.
  • Industrial labels:
    a wide range of self adhesive materials is provided in this field like: PE (white & transparent), PP (white & Clear), Silver & Gold to support all the usage of labels like food, beverage, detergents, cosmetic, Oil Lubes & Chemicals products.
    With the ability to print up to nine colors plus Varnish in one pass, printing on the adhesive side, printing 4 colors from both sides and adding silkscreen colors and hot foil or cellophane, all technical possibilities are virtually possible
  • Wet wipe labels:
    Using special PP white or transparent material with reclosure adhesive and with the ability to cover the adhesive in the open space; TPP was the first in Syria to provide its customers with this kind of labels in different shapes and colors.
  • Airline Luggage labels:
    With the capability to print multi colors and die cutting on both sides; this product in newly launched with the ability of printing small quantities and adding serialization numbers.
  • Carton Cards & tickets with numbering:
    Printing multi colors on both sides of carton with perforating is possible and all in one pass. Also we can add serialization numbers to be used for Railway, exhibition entry and parking tickets.
  • Other printing possibilities:
    Paper aluminum for packaging, laminate tube surface & films and paper band roll for cheese round boxes.

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